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As lifelong fellow bow hunters we have spent years crafting and honing the Arrowhead property and its Lodge into a first class destination for bow hunters seeking a whitetail deer hunting paradise (second to none)! Our beautiful natural terrain coupled with the meticulous management of our trophy whitetail deer herd has made our dream come true and it can make yours as well. We feel that you too will find that Arrowhead Lodge is a very special place where nature is nurtured, where big trophy whitetails bucks are taken, where bow hunting memories are made and where lifelong traditions are born.

We look forward to meeting you in person, providing you and maybe yours with your whitetail adventure, a hunt of a lifetime and seeing you get that trophy whitetail deer of your dreams. Please email us at or call us today at 231-730-1258 to begin your Arrowhead Lodge whitetail deer hunting adventure. Will look forward to seeing you here this year and to making Arrowhead Lodge a part of your whitetail deer hunting tradition.




With over 5 decades of hunting experience. Gary has become one of the most successful bow hunters in the world. After traveling to 5 continents, 30+ countries to hunt for over 125 species of big game animals, his love of hunting for Whitetail Deer is unmatched.



As a life-long hunter, Al has spent over 25 years professionally managing Whitetail Deer. Working with Whitetail to improve the herd and habitat is his passion. 




With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality and hunting industry, Becky enjoys making guests feel at home with her from-scratch home cooked meals and warm hospitality.

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The criteria for the Pantheon are easily defined, but extremely difficult to ultimately accomplish. It takes a lifetime to meet all the requirements for being inducted into the Pantheon. Concerning GSCO’s award family, an individual must reach the highest levels. One must have a Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep; an Ovis World Slam Super 30 of the world’s mountain sheep; a Capra World Slam Super 30 of the world’s wild goats; and the Super Slam of 29 North American Big Game. SCI’s top objective award is the World Conservation and Hunting Award. The requirements for this SCI award are that members must achieve all SCI Grand Slams, and reach the Diamond Level of ALL Inner Circles. This necessarily dictates that one has traveled to all the hunt-able continents and taken all the major big game of the world.

Gary is Awarded the Pantheon Award

Grand Slam Club Ovis Convention 2022

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Getting Here

Only 1.5 hr drive from Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR) in Grand Rapids.

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