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Testimonials - Arrowhead

Testimonials - Arrowhead
Ralph Testimonial  - Arrowhead Lodge

Ralph Testimonial - Arrowhead Lodge

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Tim Testimonial - Arrowhead Lodge

Tim Testimonial - Arrowhead Lodge

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Carol Testimonial - Arrowhead Lodge

Carol Testimonial - Arrowhead Lodge

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David Interview

David Interview

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Randy Walk.jpg

"If you want to see and experience whitetail deer at their best, and have some of the most memorable whitetail encounters possible, you must visit Arrowhead Lodge. I learned more about hunting whitetail deer in three days than I have in the last five years combined."

Randy Walk
President/ Hoyt USA
Tom Nelson.jpg

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the marvelous time while bowhunting at Arrowhead Lodge. During my three day stay at Arrowhead Lodge I witnessed a season full of sights, sounds and smells that are only available in the fall. For almost 30 years now I have been pursuing whitetails across the U.S. and have never had so many close encounters with big bucks as I had at Arrowhead. The amenities were 5 star and the hunting, well let me just say it was far beyond my expectations. I saw more bucks in three days at Arrowhead than I normally see in an entire season at home.

Your friendly, courteous and most of all professional staff made my stay even more memorable. I have never been to, nor can think of, a better place in North America to bowhunt whitetails than Arrowhead lodge. Again my sincere thanks to you and your staff for a great hunt. I will be back again and again."

Tom Nelson
Bowhunter Magazines,
American Archer TV Show
Mike Luper.jpg

"Unbelievable! This one word truly describes my experience at Arrowhead Lodge. The whitetail action was incredible, and the opportunity to see so many big bucks created memories for a lifetime. The lodging, food and entire experience was first class, as well as the friendships made at Arrowhead Lodge."

Mike Luper
Hoyt USA
Jim VanNorman.jpg

"Thank you for all that you have done for me. The lodge is a beautiful and unique place. The decor is peaceful and "homey". Gary, thanks for your friendship. You are a class guy. Your kindness and warm personality is rare for a guy in your position. Your understanding for what life is truly all about is an understanding that only a hunter and true outdoorsman can possess.

Thanks for your hospitality and concern for my well being. Arrowhead is a winner from stem to stern!"

Jim VanNorman
Jeff Pugh.jpg

"This has been one of the best hunts that I've been on. The hunting and the food was great! The best part has to be the friendships gained this weekend."

Jeff Pugh
Rodney Silvey.jpg

"Thanks for the best time I've ever had! Thanks for the friendship and the memories I will always treasure."

Rodney Silvey
Outtech, Inc.
Malcolm Snyder.jpg

“If you are serious about trophy whitetail hunting there is no better place than Arrowhead Lodge. I consistently saw 7 to 8 different trophy buck every time I went to the stand. The management and care that goes into these animals provides for a first class hunt for truly wild - not tame - monster whitetails. The accommodations provided from the moment you arrive are unmatched by any place I have ever hunted. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, you sit down to a five-star restaurant every time. If I could only hunt whitetails one place, Arrowhead Lodge would be my ONLY choice!"

Malcolm Snyder
Vice President
Pape's, Inc.
Patrick Wiley.jpg

“Arrowhead is everything that anyone could hope for and more. These three days have been a reason to truly remember why we love to hunt; those are memories that a man has in his heart and soul when the hunt of life is over. There are no words to describe the feelings that I have had while I was here. They say a man's soul is shown by the people he keeps company with. Everyone here is first class down to the man who runs the show.

A true thank you to Gary for this first time, not my last trip to Arrowhead."

Patrick Wiley
Ron Rette.jpg

“The pristine lakefront setting, the prestigious game room, gourmet meals and 5 star accommodations, cannot even begin to compare to the quality of the actual hunt and the outdoor encounter I experienced during my stay at Gary Bogner's Arrowhead Lodge. I harvested a 179" (gross) buck on my ultimate trip of a lifetime. You can count on me returning to Arrowhead Lodge for another chance at the larger trophies that eluded me."

Ron Rette
Outtech, Inc.
Danny Faulkner.jpg

"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the hunt at your lodge. The facilities of the lodge were fantastic. I've been in many camps but have never seen the quality of deer that you have there at Arrowhead Lodge. Also, the friendliness and hospitality of you and your staff was outstanding. I would recommend to anyone wanting to take a giant whitetail to book a hunt with Arrowhead Lodge.

Thanks again for the great hunt!"

Danny Faulkner
Michael Wilmet.gif

"Exceptional hunting, gorgeous setting and an absolutely first-rate staff... a truly memorable experience all around. We'll see you again next season...."

Michael Wilmet
International Sportsman's Marketing Network
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